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Our Cheeses:

It all starts with farm fresh milk.....

We have 19 local patrons that are all within a 20 mile radius of the plant, with most being less than a couple miles. That close proximity allows us to work together to bring you a better quality product and we believe this is one of the reasons our cheese stands above the rest.

Hand crafted quality.....

We take a hands on approach here to cheese making that gives our cheese a consistency and quality that is hard to match. Our cheesemakers stay with the cheese through every step in process from filling the vats with milk to packing the cheese forms with our finished product. This hands on approach allows us to make the proper adjustments along the way to give the cheese that same taste you come to expect every time.    

Our Specialty.....

At Oak Grove Dairy we dedicate ourselves to American Style cheeses which are Colby, Colby Jack, Monterey Jack and Cheddar. Our commitment to these American Style of cheeses has allowed us to perfect them. The Colby, Colby Jack, and Monterey Jack cheeses are separated from Cheddar through a wash curd process. This process is where whey is replaced with water during the cooking process which gives the cheese more of a mild and sweet taste. This mild flavor pairs well with an endless amount of seasonings and spices which has allowed us to offer some unique flavors to our customers.

We are one of the few manufacturers specializing in longhorns and mini deli horn style cheeses. Horn style cheeses are cylindrical in shape and come in a 6 inch and a mini 4 inch variety. This Longhorn style of cheese can't be automated and requires a lot of extra steps and handling in order for it to take its shape which is why very few still make them anymore.      

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